Why should I switch to a tankless hot water tank and what is a good brand?

Well there are a few different types of tankless hot water tanks out there however we find the most beneficial tankless tank is the Navien system.

The Navian is quoted to be “the most environmentally friendly tankless water heater on the market”. It is condensing at a 98% efficiency which allows for its inclusion in most or all Canada’s Eco Energy Rebate Programs while providing you with an endless supply of hot water. This light weight unit is ergonomically designed to fit into most confined spaces your job may offer.

These tankless systems come dual purpose ready to offer you the same space heating capabilities as comparable conducting boilers for a fraction of the price. They also come equipt with a built in “Leak Detection” for added protection of your home. All this and it saves you money.

Call Always Plumbing now and ask for one of our fully trained and certified service technicians to come out and show you how the Navien can give you endless hot water for less money. Remember, an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.


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