What should I know before replacing the toilet in my bathroom?

It’s a good thing you asked that question as there are things to think about other than just buying the cheapest one or one that matches your décor. When you really think about it, a toilet is something that is used a couple of thousand times each year so it is worth investing your money wisely. It’s kind of like buying a good suit or great pair of shoes: if you divide the purchase price by the cost per wearing or use, the initial investment seems small.

Do you still have a toilet that uses too much water? The new models are all eco-friendly, low-flush models. For ease of cleaning, the bowls in the models that we sell at Always Plumbing Ltd have a special glazed finish which is not available on all toilets. There are toilets which fit right to the floor so you never have to worry about cleaning around bolt caps or p-traps again.

Do you want a single or dual flush model? The internal parts of a toilet such as flush valves and flappers should be of high quality and fit well.

Do you want to install it yourself? That can be harder than it seems especially if you have tile floors in your bathroom and need some extra plumbing done.

Will you need new water supply hoses? Our technicians use braided stainless steel and some older homes still have older systems.

Finally, it’s always a good idea to look at all the toilets in your home. If they are all the same age it’s probably time to replace them all just in case one might be ready to crack or leak. An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.


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