I’m tired of cloudy, funny-tasting water, and am thinking about buying a home Water Filtration System. What should I look for?

Good Question! First off, a home filtration system is a fantastic alternative to the frustration of constantly buying flats of bottled water, or wrestling with those huge jugs that go on top of water coolers - not only are those inconvenient, they’re expensive! Why would you want to be buying water when you’re already paying for the stuff coming right out of your own tap?

It’s a fact that here in Edmonton and St. Albert we enjoy some of the safest, cleanest water in Canada, but clean and safe doesn’t necessarily mean that it tastes good. It also doesn’t mean that it’s good for your appliances - you know that white stuff that clouds your coffee pot and plugs up your shower head (and your hot water tank and your humidifier)? That’s calcium, and it comes straight from your municipal water supply!

For a good basic filtration system, look for one that is unobtrusive, one that you can have installed under your kitchen sink, and that has easy to change cartridges that are good for about 1000 litres. To protect your home appliances as well as your health, and to finally have good, clean-tasting water from every faucet in your home, I recommend a Reverse Osmosis System, installed right on to the main water supply in your basement - it will prevent smelly, impure water from ever even entering your home, and do remember that, after all, an ounce of prevention really is worth a pound of cure!


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