I have sewer back ups all the time. Can I prevent this?

That’s a great question and a permanent solution would sure beat the smell of sewer back up when it does happen. The first thing you need to ask is why this problem keeps recurring. Depending on the age of your home there may be many different problems down your pipes. We commonly see things ranging from collapsed and sagging pipes to root infested pipes. There may even be foreign objects lodged down there and it can be a matter of excess grease or residue built up over the years.

The traditional method of “fixing” these problems meant running a sewer “snake” blindly down the drains and poking through whatever was blocking the flow of water, seemingly fixing the problem. However, sooner or later the “snaking” guy was back again, your cheque book was open again, and your problem is “fixed” temporarily again.The problem with snaking alone is that we cannot see what the snake is doing down there and we are trusting it to do a good job.

A much more reliable method of freeing your pipes is to perform the drain cleaning down there, but to then check on the snake’s work afterwards by doing a visual inspection with our Drainvision camera equipment. You may be surprised at how effective a job can be done and how much better a warranty you can get, when you can guarantee that the pipes are spic and span down there!

For questions on Drainvision works, or anything to do with your home’s plumbing system feel free to call us any time at 489 – 8118 and, as always, remember; “An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.”


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