With all the different kinds of basin faucets out there how do I choose the right one for my needs?

There are many different kinds of faucets out there these days and choosing the right faucet can get frustrating if you don’t know the benefits or purpose of each style of faucet. Do you want a faucet that matches your décor or are you more concerned about space? Are you elderly or arthritic and would having a faucet that is easy to maneuver be best? We have many options available.

Wall Mount Faucets - This type of faucet is great in spaces with limited space as it is mounted on the wall. This faucet will work great with vessel sinks.

Single Lever Style Faucet – This is a one handle faucet is only one Handel that pulls up and swings side to side for hot and cold water. This is usually mounted on the on the sink or counter.

Lavatory Faucet - This faucet is typically used for under mounted sinks or drop in sink. This faucet will sit on the deck of the sink or countertop. Available for one hole and 4” center set and 8” center set

Wing Back Faucet - This faucet is great for those who have some trouble being able to turn a regular two handle faucet but like the concept of two handles design. This faucet is usually mounted on the sink.

If you are still uncertain about what faucet style will work for you, call your Preferred Plumbers at Always Plumbing 780-489-8118 and we will always be happy to come out and help. Whether replacing or repairing your faucets don’t forget that an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.


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