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Always Plumbing offers more services in your bathroom than just unclogging and snaking your pipes. Our qualified bathroom plumbers maintain, renovate and install new fixtures in bathrooms throughout Edmonton. Our repairs and new installations save you money by cutting down on water waste and water consumption in all your fixtures. No matter the size of the job, we are ready to help and bring our years of experience. With our knowledge we offer you quick and efficient plumbing services and advice with new bathroom designs. If you are having troubles with your fixtures in your bathroom, let us know by giving us a call or filling out our eform.

Eco-Friendly Bathroom Renovations and Repairs

If you are ready to go green with a new bathroom renovation, or want to fix up your old units to operate more efficiently, Always Plumbing is here to help. When your existing fixtures are leaking water, you might be increasing your water consumption without even realizing. Our repairs seal up your toilets and sinks to make them work as efficiently as possible. For new renovations, we sell and install the top brands that offer high energy savings and low water consumption. Below we have some of our recommended toilet, sink, shower, tub, faucet and showerhead brands. These are just some of the many options we carry for eco-friendly bathroom renovations and repairs.


At the core of all of our environmentally-friendly toilets is low water consumption. Toilets that are around twenty years old can be using over twice as much water as a newer toilet. This not only affects the environment, but also your water bill. We offer these top brands -- and several others -- to suit your colour, style and budget:

  • Toto
  • American Standard
  • Kohler
  • Western Pottery
  • Mansfield

Sinks, Showers and Tubs

Our sink, shower and tub options help you maximize your bathroom space, even in a small home. Even your tiny bathroom can feel like a spacious spa with the right fixtures and layout. Our plumbers can help you figure out the best way to give your bathroom a makeover that will add to your enjoyment of your home and to its resale value in the future. We also repair older sinks, showers and tubs to give you back your relaxing retreat. We sell and install the following brands of sinks, showers and tubs:

  • Hytec
  • MAAX
  • Mirolin
  • Kohler

Faucets and Showerheads

Similar to our toilet options, the faucet and showerheads we carry focus on low water consumption. We sell and install completely new eco-friendly options, but also service existing fixtures to get them working properly. The new eco-friendly fixtures will offer you high efficiency without sacrificing water pressure. Our eco-friendly faucets and showerheads also consume less energy from a water heater.

  • Moen
  • Delta®
  • Kohler
  • Gerber
  • Hansgrohe
  • Riobel
  • Pfister®


If you shrink from stepping out of a warm shower onto a stone-cold tiled floor, talk to your Always Plumbing technician about updating your heating system as well. We offer variable and multi-speed heating systems that are energy-efficient and cost-effective.

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